About Walls Street

Ergonomics, Fine style design and precision

Our mission is to transfer the shapes and forms of rocks to the places within your reach. We create climbing facilities buzzing with life and bustling with activity where you can relax and where you want to come back again and again.

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3D design

We make projects together with our clients. They are unique and original projects based closely on our clients` design ideas.

CNC technology

The technology of making cut outs of plywood for the surfaces of our climbing walls with the use of numerically-controlled machining tools guarantee the manufacturing precision.

Installation and assembly at the client`s site

We are taking care to ensure that the assembly progresses smoothly and quickly and that our presence is kept to the minimum necessary to carry it out.

Additional equipment

At the client`s request we make various climbing structures. We also co-operate with manufacturers of climbing holds and of belay devices so at the client`s wish we deliver the requested items to the site.

Fall-protection safety mats

We manufacture bouldering safety mats. Manufacturing a safety mat of the thickness specially chosen by the client does not pose a problem to us at all.

Inspection and servicing of climbing walls

We provide inspections and servicing of the climbing walls built by us as well as of other climbing facilities.