Design and construction of a climbing wall in Zielona Góra

Completion date

Feb 01, 2018


OSiR, Zielona Góra

Type of project

Rope climbing wall

Description of project

165 sq. metres of climbing surface on a compact wall of the height of 7.5 m only. It may seem that now it is a little bit better than it was before but when you take a closer look it turns out that now a bigger number of persons with various degrees of skill can climb it at the same time. Fun, leisure activity and technically demanding edges harmonically interact with the training area, which , though of small size, gives you an opportunity to make a dozen or so moves in a 30-degree overhang. Nothing can make a comparison more striking than just juxtaposing the picture of the climbing wall way back with its present state - so I refer you to a photo of yore (maximum height - 67.5 m, climbing space - 165 sq. m) attached.